Without A Dime


Come summers and we are all excited to fill in our wardrobes with the latest hi end designer products but somewhere down the line the price tag zeros our enthusiasm. But what if someone comes and tells you that you can own all the luxurious branded goods but at a desirable rate, Isn’t that a dream come true for almost all of us. www.secretdresser.com plays the fairy godmother here as we can purchase pre-owned premium products at discounted rates at rates like never before and the awesomeness does not end here you can also sell your premium products which you have used once or not used at all.

Young entrepreneur and founder of Secret Dresser, Dimple Mirchandani spoke about her portal and said, “This portal is all about sharing resources, the main Idea is to increase the rotation of the products that will ultimately help save resources of our planet. Also it will help people buy authentic luxurious clothing and accessories at a minimal price range saving their money and time on searching for lookalikes of original branded clothes which are hard to find.”

Choose Wisely-Try to make a list of things that looks good on you.  Chalk out a wish list of things you want to sell out on www.secretdresser.com. Pick out the designer products ranging from dresses, vests, coats, watches, bags etc from your closet that are in trend and are in good condition and mail the pictures to the email id listed on the website .Your stuff will then get picked up from your location for verification. Once the quality and authenticity of the stuff is thoroughly checked and approved through the multi-layered authentication process, it will be listed on the website.

Shop Smart- Read a lot of fashion magazines and keep yourself updated about the latest trends but then pick and choose pre-owned designer products from www.secretdresser.com. Do a lot of window shopping and choose something that is similar to your taste. Invest on timeless pieces and make sure it suits your personality.

Revamp And Reinvent – Wear old things in new ways. You can try to wear your clothes back ward. This will look stylish and give you a different look too. A long cardigan or shrug can be worn upside down or a V neck sweater can be worn backwards too. You can carry out similar expressions for exciting and surprising results.


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