What is the difference between American, British and Australian English?

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Good content is the need of every business. It not only defines you as a brand but your products and services as well. It is important to understand that different business domains have different content needs. The content for a travel website will be very different from that of a finance organization. The need of the hour is to get tailor made content based upon your needs and business type. One more thing to keep in mind while framing content is your target audience. The content should be aligned as per the interests of the customer for the brand to prosper. Your search for the best content writer in Delhi ends here.

There is a difference in American, British and Australian English. As content writers it is important to know this difference. When you get a professional writer make sure you tell him/her what type of content does your organization need and in what form of English – American, British or Australian. Whatever form your choose stick to it and follow it for the entire website and further all kinds of communication with the customer.

In American English the use of present perfect tense is far less than that in British English. In British English the auxiliary do is often used as a substitute for a verb when replying to a question. For ex – Are you going to the market? I might do.

There are a lot of spelling differences as well. In American English it is – flavor, color, honor while in British English it is – flavour, colour, honour. A lot of words have different meanings in both the languages. For example an athlete in American English means a person participating in field games, and in British English it means any sportsman.

The main difference between American and Australian English is that of pronunciation. Most words especially brands are pronounced in a different manner in both these languages. The accent is not very melodic. The accents of all these three forms of the language are different and it will take some time to understand the phonetics.

Some of the words that are used in one form are rarely used in the other form of the language. For example – advert, anti clockwise, barrister, cat’s eye – these words are commonly used in British English and seldom used in American English.

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