These TOP 5 superfoods can boost your child’s immunity!


New Delhi: Leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle is what each of us strive everyday. Especially, when it comes to kids, mothers take extra care in keeping then hale and hearty. It is quite essential for moms to check what their children are consuming vis-a-vis healthy eating. While it is also important for kids to go and explore the world, maintaining a good level of immunity becomes imperative at this age. According to The Heath Site, there some certain super foods which can help in boosting your child’s immunity—and yes it’s easily available too.

So, check out these TOP 5 superfoods which can work wonders in boosting your kid’s immunity powers:


 Not every kid likes to munch on these nutties. But make sure you tell them how important it is for keeping well. Including walnuts, pistachios, raisins, dates and the like in their daily diet will pump up the immunity levels in the body. Also, you have to be a supermom in feeding your kids this superfood daily. Try feeding them dried fruit nuts, if available.


Now, this one can come easy. Most of the kids love to have eggs in breakfast. Eggs are a good source of getting proteins, and unlike a common presumption of not having the yolk—kids can actually have it as it has several essential vitamins and minerals. You can ven try out different varieties in preparing egg recipes—boiled eggs, omelette, scrambled, bhurji and the like.

Green Vegetables:

Yes, we all know how important it is to consume green leafy veggies in our daily diet. The kids might find it boring, but it is imperative for them to have it on regular basis. Green veggies are immunity boosting foods, so you must add spinach or fenugreek in your meals which has zinc and folic acid and vital vitamins in good quantity.


Yoghurt has good bacteria which helps in boosting immunity. It fights the bad bacteria in the stomach and keeps related infections at bay. Having curd is a must for everyone and not just kids. You can try out different recipes with yoghurt to make it more interesting for your kids.


Eating fruits should be enjoyed rather than taken as a mandatory rule. There are plenty of options when it comes to relishing fruits. You should not only encourage your kids to eat apples, bananas and oranges but also introduce them to melons, pomegranate, peaches, berries and other coloured fruits.


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