The Emerging Trend of Modular Kitchen


A sudden boom in the industrialization has resulted in a high purchasing power of people in India. With time, there has been a transformation in terms of modern living which is highly influenced by all the novel equipment and technology that makes our work easier and faster. A modern home is incomplete without all the advanced gadgets and kitchen appliances that not only makes your work easier but saves time and energy. Lately, there has been a sudden hype regarding the modular kitchen for a modern home.

Modular Kitchen –A Modern Formula!

A modular kitchen is a complete package of a comprehensive set of fixtures, cabinets arranged in an order to make the work easier while saving a lot of space. Wooden cabinets, counter tops, in built covered baskets, dishwashers, chimney, wash basins, cooking range, microwave and oven are an integral part of a modular kitchen setting. The idea is to put together every single kitchen equipment that makes your work easier in the kitchen and utilizes space to the maximum.

With time, people are experimenting with the colors, plywood, shapes and designs of the modular kitchen, giving ample scope of creativity to all the interior designers.

Current Scenario

Market reports by the leading agencies confirm that in India, the market of modular kitchen is growing at a CAGR of 51.87% during 2014-2019. The market has an expected size of Rs 2,500 crores with an import of 30 percent. International brands like Godrej, Hindware, Oren Kitchen Appliances, IFB are the leading players in this booming market. Every brand is revising their designs frequently to keep pace with the changing requirement and trends in the market.

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Factors Affecting The Growth

An increase in per capital income, a sudden boom in the residential sector, easy availability of the products and services and an aesthetic eye towards the modern décor are greatly influencing the sudden hype towards the growth of the modular kitchen market. Factors like amazing designs, efficient use of space, ergonomics and functionality of the fittings are greatly influencing people to switch over to the modular kitchen settings.

Since, kitchen is the only place where people spend most of their time when at home, and hence, it has to be attractive, appealing and a happy place. Modular kitchen offers all this and much more! It is important to take care of the place and keep it clean all the times to increase the shelf life of the fixtures used in the area. Below is a small checklist which should be followed to increase the shelf life of the equipment.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals to clean the kitchen
  • Clean immediately after an oil spill
  • Use warm water to clean the kitchen
  • Use lemon, hot water & baking soda for cleaning purposes

Always keep a tab on the new trends in the market to revamp your kitchen from time to time. Since, the modular kitchenmarket is growing at a rapid rate, there is immense scope to incorporate new ideas in your kitchen & make the most of modular setting.


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