Teen Hair Care!


The teenagers have started to become really conscious about their looks lately. They use strong hair products at a very early age, which often affects the quality of the hair in the long run. They also experiment with the hair and forget the fact that their hair might lose its quality and it might become a problem later. However, there are some hair care tips that must be followed to maintain the quality of the hair. Here are some hair care tips recommended by the best dermatologist in Delhi.

Dry Hair Care

Teenagers with dry hair usually face problems because of their rough hair. It becomes difficult to style them as well, because no matter how much you style them, they end up looking untidy. You might have dry hair because of genetic reasons, or inactive oil glands. Teenagers with dry hair should not wash their hair too often. The products used should have the moisturizing effect. Here are some tips for teenagers, who have dry hair-

  • Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. However, make sure you do not apply too much of it, otherwise it might harm the hair in the long run.
  • Oiling hair is another tip which helps in smoothening dry hair. Oiling them also ensures that your hair do not become grey at an early age.
  • You must also check the products before picking them up. You must get the hair products that are natural and free from chemicals. Chemical based products usually take away the essential oils from the hair, and make them drier. The ph level on your conditioner and shampoo should also be low.
  • There are a lot of hair masks available in the market as well, which you can apply on your hair to moisturize them. You can make a hair mask at home as well, with egg lemon and curd.
  • In summers/monsoons, cover your hair with a scarf/hat before stepping out. Dust particles also make the condition worse.
  • Avoid hair straightners and curlers as much as possible as they damage your hair adversely. Even if you occasionally plan to experiment with your hair, you must not use a lot of heat on them. Oil your hair properly before you wash your curled/straightened hair.
  • If you have dandruff, do not avoid it, get in touch with an expert for the Dandruff Treatment in Delhi.

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Oily Hair Care

Teens with dry hair might think that having oily hair would solve their problem. But little do they know that people with oily hair have their own problems. The hair has excess of natural oils, which increases the need to wash them daily. Here are a few tips that will help you minimize the oiliness of your hair-

  • Leave shampoo on your hair for at least 5 minutes when you wash them. You can lather your scalp and hair twice if needed.
  • If you condition them, make sure it’s away from the scalp, and you condition only the tips of your hair. People with oily hair usually do not condition their hair because they are already very soft and smooth.
  • You should also avoid brushing your hair too often. When you brush your hair, the oil from the scalp falls on the tips of the hair, making them oily faster.
  • While choosing hair products, make sure it is made for especially oily hair, and doesn’t add on to the shine to the hair.
  • You can also apply powder on your hair to dry your hair and remove excess oil. However, make sure you just apply a small amount of powder on the scalp, otherwise it might leave white patches on the hair. You can also add cornstarch on your hair when they are too oily.
  • The best dermatologist in Delhi recommend you to leave your hair down as much as possible. Tying your hair can lead to oil secretion, and make them oily faster.

You must make sure you do not ignore your hair problems, and get in touch with the best dermatologist in Delhi NCR for any concerns.


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