Secret Dresser

Secret Dresser

“I have enough clothes”, said no one ever. Even though the closet is stocked for both men and women, the need to buy new clothes and accessories arises every now and then. Is your closet already full of expensive designer wear or branded bags and accessories you do not use but are too expensive to discard? What if we tell you, that you can sell your Premium products you have used once or not used at all, and buy new ones at discounted rates? Yes, you heard it right the newly launched digital E-commerce portal “Secret Dresser” makes it possible now.

The young entrepreneur & Holistic Nutrition expert, Dimple Mirchandani belonging to a Business family, comes up with her new online startup business project that is hard to be overlooked. Her website  offers everything from the Premium Indian designer wear like Sabhyasachi , Anjalee Arjun kapoor to watches, bags, shoes, jackets by International designers like Louis Vuitton , Dior , Karen Millen ,Ted baker etc for both men and women. The portal is cent percent buyer protected and only lists authenticated goods. It may act as the means to bridge the gap between the aspirational group & the purchasing power as it sells luxury brands that are barely used one time or not used at all at a discounted price.

Secret Dresser

“This portal is all about sharing resources, the main Idea is to increase the rotation of the products that will ultimately help save resources of our planet. Also it will help people buy authentic luxurious clothing and accessories at a minimal price range saving their money and time on searching for lookalikes of original branded clothes which are hard to find,” Dimple says.

This portal is believed to create an advantageous situation for all – as for designers the clothes will be marketed under their original brands for which we have partnered with Indian designers for authentication purposes and we are trying to get the others on board as well. Also as the circulation increases, the shoppers will be at ease to shop new knowing there is a resale value. For the aspirational set of people, they can now buy original luxury at affordable prices.

Dimple says “The portal however is very user-friendly with simple procedures & easy payment options for its users. Anyone can buy and sell. We only take in products, specially clothes and bags that are in excellent condition and we also offer authenticity certificate for international brands at a minimal additional charge. The seller’s mail us pictures at first; we then get the stuff picked up and take a week’s time for verification. Once the quality and authenticity of the stuff is thoroughly checked and approved through our multi-layered authentication process, it is listed on the website.”

Secret Dresser

The website will also be introducing jewellery on the portal soon, which of course will not be a surplus or used, rather direct from the store providing best deals on certified gems and diamonds .

The portal is a one-stop shop for all fashion fanatics – it incorporates everything from high-end brands to basic dresses, leather jackets, biker boots. The makers will soon be launching an application which will be easily available on the app store. The portal will also work for a noble cause as a share of its profits will be  given as charity.


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