Samsung now sued over exploding Galaxy S7 edge


The past couple of weeks haven’t been smooth for Samsung, especially considering the Note 7 fiasco. Now, the company has been sued by a user when his device caught fire, but its the Galaxy S7 edge this time and not the much in news Note 7.

According to the ClassAction, Daniel Ramirez was working at a bookstore in Ohio when his Samsung Galaxy S7 caught fire in his pocket and he suffered third degree burns. This incident took place back in May. ClassAction attorneys have now filed for a lawsuit on behalf of the user. While we’ve already heard about the Note 7 battery issue, this incident brings to light the issues due to the S7 edge.

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According to the complaint filed, cellphone was completely charred due to the explosion and he suffered second degree burns on his right thumb and index finger, while second and third degree burns on his right upper leg. He went through extensive treatments for the burns, which included significant graft surgery to his right leg.

Meanwhile, Note 7 sales have been halted and the company is said to have begun the recall of sold devices. Some have banned this as a threat, while others have laid down the rules stating that it should be powered down and definitely not stored in check-in luggage during a flight. A report from Bloomberg stated that Samsung would be spending around $1 billion to complete the recall of about 2.5 million smartphones that have either been shipped to users (and are using them already) or those that were on the way to customers who pre-ordered the device.


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