Rainy season feet care tips to avoid infections

Rainy season feet care tips to avoid infectionss

Monsoon no doubt brings a soothing relief from the heat, but it also makes the atmosphere wet and humid. The skin and feet are prone to infections because of this weather change.

1) Putting wrong and tight footwear gets more chances of such infection. It is important to have them airy and comfortable and not just fashionable.

2) It is very important to keep feet dry especially web spaces and also in cases if a person is diabetic. Because moist web spaces lead to fungal infection, extra care shall be taken to keep the spaces dry.

3) Use of commonly available dusting powder is recommended, and people who have moist web spaces may use it on regularly to avoid fungal infections.

4) The nails shall be trimmed regularly because they usually carry dust and may lead to infections.

5) You may soak feet in warm water with a teaspoon of salt in it, to disinfect and clean your feet. After which, you should also remove dead skin.

The inputs are given by Dr. Sandeep Singla, Plastic Surgeon at Rejuva Venus Clinic


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