Phil M Jones: Legendary and Inspirational Speaker for Businessmen and Entrepreneurs


Phil M Jones Academy is the number one academy today in the world, that guarantees to help entrepreneurs and businessmen reach new heights. In order to succeed in the field of business, one needs to put his best foot forward and only impeccable business strategies can help him get ahead. To give themselves an edge over others, one needs to take the help of Phil M Jones, the renowned international professional speaker.

Phil M Jones launched his first business venture  at the young age of 14. It was in his youth that he realized his potential for helping other grow in their respective fields. He said at a press conference,

I knew I was born to do this. I was lucky enough to have found my calling at the age of 14. I knew I wanted to help people achieve new heights, reach the goals that the deserve…”

Phil M Jones is considered to be an authoritative figure in sales psychology. He has mastered the art of understanding and analysing sales psychology, which is imperative if one wants to make his mark in the corporate world. But Phil believes in being generous, and sharing the knowledge he has gathered over the years amongst aspiring businessmen and budding entrepreneurs. Consequently, Phil started his Academy in 2008. This Academy would go on to be acclaimed and he has won many accolades for his efforts. Philmjones Ltd publishes articles related to the field of business on a regular basis in the official website. These articles are available for anyone who signs up at the website. All articles present meaningful and effective business advice in a crisp and powerful manner that attracts audience. Phil sure knows how to keep his audiences engaged, and his strategies have helped in increasing the profits of countless companies and enhancing their business turnover.

The Phil M Jones Academy regularly organizes workshops and events where all the members are invited to participate. Phil, who is well known for his oratorical skills, speaks at these events. A client of his described his speech,

Phil never fails to amaze me with his inspirational speeches. He speaks in such a motivational manner , he is just a great speaker…”

Phil’s business advice is now available on the go as well, in the form of apps. These apps are available on the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. These apps allow users to sign in at the academy and become registered members of his academy. One can simply log in and keep himself updated on the latest posts, videos and podcasts. The user can even listen to his speeches on the go.

Phil’s advice is known for its practicality and logical matter. It is a result of thorough research and practical experience. The sales & marketing coach has even shared the stage with some of the most renowned men in the world including Larry Winget, Allan Pease, Richard Denny, Steve Backley and so on. Within four years of launching his company, Phil published his first book Toolbox. He then went on to launch his second book Magic Words. Both are international bestsellers on leading online shopping sites.

It can thus be safe to assume that Phil M Jones has revolutionized the business world with his Academy, which has successfully changed the lives of millions. One can make use of the Audio CDs and the books launched by Phil; or one can directly reach out to Phil through the close knit communities formed on the app forums. One can even book Phil to speak at their event. To know more about this legendary speaker, author and trainer, visit his official website at


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