Dropping necklines, large slits and baring designs are the obvious ways of showing off some or a lot of skin but the latest trend suggest that one should apply more sedate ways of exposure. The strategical revealing of skin has been termed as the ‘peek-a-boo trend. Fashionistas like Kim Kardashian, Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kapoor, Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez, Jlo etc have been spotted wearing this trend.

Our moms have always suggested us to cover up and leave the rest to the imagination of the people but now days a little showoff does no harm to us. All thanks to the strategic placement of lace, net, lattice etc as they help us to wear the peek-a-boo effortlessly.


The ‘Hide n Seek’ Trend

Peek-a-boo features stunning cutouts, cropped tops, lace, sheer mesh and transparent lattice. This in fashion terminology refers to any outfit that is made out of sheer or translucent fabric and has decorated patterns.

Wearing It Perfectly

Many fashion experts suggest that the ‘peek a boo’ trend is not for everybody as not everyone can carry the cut outs but there are different ways which they can imply to get it right. With correct ways one can not only look stylish but can also look sexy and sophisticated. Simple steps like sporting the minimalist look, wearing the right lingerie or wearing a camisole underneath can help you to carry the look in an effortless manner. 

IMG_4433Wear It to Work

You can wear the cut outs at work but you have to be very careful while wearing it because you might go wrong disastrously. One should avoid wearing contrasting colours when it comes to cut outs. You can pair a crop top with a blazer and pencil skirts and can also wear tops with cut outs on the crest of it.


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