Know these surprising health benefits of potato juice!


New Delhi: Everyone loves to eat potatoes as they make delicious and crunchy snacks. This veggie is not only tasty but also promotes many health benefits. And many people are not aware that even its juice which contains Vitamins A, C, B, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, fiber, and protein is also good for health. Potato juice can be taken with any other juice, honey or lemon.

Here are some health benefits of potato juice:

Dry skin
One should drink one glass of potato juice daily as it will protect the skin from the toxins in our body.

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This juice is considered as one of the useful remedy to lower cholesterol and improve our health.

Cardiovascular disease
Potato juice helps to prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is used to cure heart attacks, artery blockage, tumors and cancer.

Start drinking potato juice daily as it reduces the risk of developing of eczema and acne to give a clear skin.

Weight loss
If you want to lose weight, then start consuming this juice daily in the morning before breakfast and 2 -3 hours before going to bed. You can also mix it with other juices or honey.


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