Invasive v/s Noninvasive Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction

It’s everyones dream to have the perfect body, which they can flaunt without worrying about the flabs peeking out from the clothes. When you realize it’s high time to lose weight, the first thing that comes to the mind is gym and diet. However, it’s a lengthy process, and will work only if you are dedicated enough. You have to fight your lazy side and start your gym religiously. For some people, even after the dedication and rigorous diet and gym, the pockets of fat refuse to go away. In such cases, professional fat reduction is the only option. The fat reduction process can be invasive as well as non invasive. Here are some differences between the two types of fat reduction treatment in Delhi.


When you get the non invasive treatment done for fat reduction, there is minimal or no downtime involved. Cool tech fat freeze is one of the best treatments for body sculpting. It freezes the stubborn pockets of fat, giving you the perfect curves. Invasive fat reduction, or liposuction is a lengthy process. It involves anesthesia, incision and even a certain amount of downtime. Cool Tech Fat Freeze treatmentis better, as you can get back to your daily lifestyle in no time.

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When you get the liposuction done, there is always a possibility of the treatment to go wrong. In fact, the diet after the surgery is also supposed to be very strict, otherwise the surgery backfires. In case of a non-invasive treatment on the other hand, there is no risk involved. The treatment can be done in 2-4 sessions, and you can get that perfect body in no time. However, you might have some bruises after the treatment, but they tend to go after a couple of hours.

Best Candidate

The best candidate for an invasive fat reduction treatment are the people who have 10 kg or more of stubborn fat in their body. Cool tech fat freeze on the other hand is best for those who otherwise have a lean structure, but have a little bulge, on the stomach, arm or torso.

Cool Tech Fat Freeze treatment is one of the best fat reduction treatment in Delhi, and you must go for the same if you do not want a safe, non invasive quick way to lose weight. Since there is no downtime after the treatment, you can get  back to your original lifestyle as soon as possible. At ISAAC, we provide you the right consultation to help you get rid of the excessive fat.


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