India’s First Woman Private Detective on Her Favourite Cases and Numerous Disguises

India’s First Woman Private Detective

For India’s first woman private investigator, there is no field of work that women cannot enter and excel in. Of super interesting cases and even more interesting disguises – this is her story.“I was the first woman in India to get into this field. People used to pass snide remarks and wonder if I chose to become a detective because I didn’t get any other work. ‘This is not a woman’s job,’ they would tell me,” remembers 50-year-old Rajani Pandit, the highly acclaimed private investigator from Mumbai who is known to be the first woman private investigator in India. Rajani was only 25 when she started her agency named Rajani Pandit Detective Services, in 1991. Today, she has a team of about 20 people and together they have solved over 75,000 cases. Being a woman in a field dominated by men was not easy. Rajani had to face several challenges for even the most basic things like getting ad space in a newspaper.

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But, she was prepared. Her agency slowly gained in popularity, thanks to her impressive work, and she has clients all across India and in different parts of the world now.

For Rajani, one of the most memorable cases she solved is the one in which she had to live in a stranger’s house as a servant for six months; at the end of this period, a murderer was arrested.


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