If You’ve Missed Old-School Britney Spears, You’ll Love the Video For “Make Me”

Britney Spears

If you’ve missed the Britney Spears of the early ’00s, you’re about to get serious flashbacks watching the video for “Make Me,” off her new album.

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The singer dropped the music video on Friday, and it features a ton of hot guys, a squad that would make the Crossroads cast jealous, and it actually has something to say about Hollywood. Spears is featured auditioning several sexy men before choosing one to take to the back and have her way with — a gender-flip on a sad but known truth about what many women go through auditioning in Los Angeles. That may make it sound more serious than it is; the video is actually really fun, and Spears looks the best we’ve seen her in a long time — her moves are even enough to make us forgive the copious amount of product placements.


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