How To Choose The Best Lighting For Your Room?


Lighting plays a major role in completing the décor of the entire room. Whether we talk about the functional aspects or aesthetic value, lighting is very crucial. It not only offers bright environment to perform all your tasks effectively but make you feel safe. Depending upon your lifestyle, and décor of the room, lighting should be selected. Lighting in a dining area will be different as compared to the lighting in kid’s room or rest rooms. A cautions attempt should be made to choose the right lighting to suit the requirement of every single member of the house. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right lighting for your room-

  1.  Keep In Mind The Size Of The Room: Always focus on the size of the room before selecting a suitable lighting arrangement for your room. Keep a check on the furniture placement, for instance, study table, dressing, bed and wardrobe placement to select different types of lighting fixtures for each space. In case the room is small, a big chandelier or too much white light will look awkward.
  2. Height of The Room: Since, POP designing, false ceiling is the new trend these days, the height of the room is cut short significantly, hence, avoid selecting hanging lighting fixtures as they will create the illusion of a small room. Cove lighting looks the best if the height of the room is small as it makes the room appear longer.
  3. Focus on the Activities: In case you are frequent with stitching/sewing work or love to read a book sitting on your favorite study table, select white, bright light to avoid excess strain on the eyes. While your sitting area should have a soft, shaded light, the dressing & wardrobe area demands clear, bright light for ease in applying makeup.
  4. Bed Side Lighting: The lighting of the bed side lamps should not be too bright or direct as it is uncomfortable and cause strain on the eyes which is least required at the time of sleep.Placement of the lamp should be done properly so that the light is distributed evenly across the room.
  5. Placement of Lighting: Lights should not be installed right above your head as you will get disturbed from the light while lying down or during rest. Always make sure that the lighting is not direct yet it illuminates the entire room perfectly.
  6. Combination of Lighting: Mix and match lighting fixtures! Include cove lighting, retrofits, tube lights etc. for different areas of the room. Do not put too much pressure on only one kind of lighting. A combination of white light, warm light and yellow light is perfect for a bedroom, however, make sure that you install them in the right locations.
  7. Advanced lighting System: Modern technology has given us the power to explore new things and use them to their maximum potential. A remote controlled lighting system will help you from the hassle of getting up from your bed to switch off the light buttons right at the corner of your bed.
  8. Mood Lighting: Lights manufacturing giants like Philips, Syska have come up with mood lighting range which is amazing for bedrooms. You can install these light in your bedroom and control them as per your mood.

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