Friendship Day special: Can you match up to these iconic screen friendships?


It’s Friendship Day. And what better way to celebrate it than by looking at some iconic onscreen friendships? Pop culture has myriad examples that might give you and your pals #FriendshipGoals.
Now this is in no way a comprehensive list, but whenever the subject of friendship comes up, these are the names that are
Jai and Veeru

Jay-VeeruYeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge,’ sang Jai and Veeru as they straddled a motorbike and went off in search of adventure. And in doing so, they entered all of our minds as the best buddy pair Bollywood was ever to offer us. Jai was quiet and broody; Veeru was all about the fun and flirting. They were the yin to the other’s yang, and together, they were just the combination that was needed to take down Gabbar. When [spoiler alert if you still haven’t seen Sholay] Jai dies, you know Veeru is going to be far more bereft than Radha, with whom Jai’s been nursing a silent, respectful adoration. Sigh. Years later, Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra enacted the song sequence on the sets of a reality show, and we must say, it made for the sappiest magic. Many are the onscreen friendships Jai and Veeru have been the basis for, including Bikram and Bala in Gunday. Do they match up? Not by a long shot, we say. (Honourable mention: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!)

Thelma and Louise

Thelma-LouiseThelma and Louise was a classic — it was a road movie, an action caper, yes; but it was also one that had two women at its core (which made it about more than just the crime and the subsequent chase that followed).

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Thelma and Louise are two friends who decide to take a break from their mundane lives by going off on a short road trip. But shortly into their trip, in fending off an attempted rape, they end up killing a man, and a series of circumstances forces them to flee from the law. How they stick by each other till the end will have you wiping away a discreet tear — or calling up your best friend and telling her/him how much they mean to you. (Honourable mentions for funnier friendships: Romi and Michelle; Bill and Ted. Ooh, Harold and Kumar. We’d better stop now.)

Kabir, Imran and Arjun

ZNMDZindagi Na Milegi Dobara was the Indian film that put Spain on top of everyone’s annual holiday destination list. But apart from the stunning vistas, the Zoya Akhtar film also offered a delightful onscreen friendship between Kabir, Imran and Arjun. As three men who’ve taken off on a bachelor trip before one of them gets hitched, this trip offers a chance not just for them to mend old breaches in their friendship, but also to face up to their own fears about life and the future.

Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe

FriendsAh. The FRIENDS gang. So many are the times we’ve watched you, through endless re-runs on TV, we’ve got all your quirks and jokes down pat. Joey, Chandler, Monica et al weren’t just each other’s friends — they were also our friends (and if that makes us a little sad, in the uncool way, so be it). Admit it: How many are the quizzes you’ve taken that tell you which TWO characters from FRIENDS you’re most like? Yup, we got Monica and Ross too. (Notable mention: the How I Met Your Mother folks)

Harry, Hermione and Ron

Harry-PotterSo the new generation — Albus and Scorpius, we’re looking at you — may be competing in the ‘bestest friends ever’ category — but Harry, Hermione and Ron still have the edge. For one, we saw them from the time they met in the Hogwarts train (when Ron had something on his nose, as Hermione so helpfully pointed out) to the time that Hermione was trapped in the bathroom with the troll to the time when they battled the dark forces of Old Voldy together and saved the wizarding world. And then went on to become personages of some importance in the Ministry of Magic etc. (Honourable mentions for other fantasy fiction/movie characters: Gimli and Legolas; Ned — that’s Lord Eddard Stark to you — and Robert Baratheon.)

Sherlock and Dr Watson

sherlock-and-dr.-watsonWhat’s the point of having a most delicious mystery to solve, if you have no one to solve it with? Are we right? Sherlock would have had all his insane crime-solving adventures, and all we’d have got out of it would have been cryptic journal entries like: “The murderer wore pointed shoes, in pink, and her name is Ms X” and then nothing further. But with Dr Watson faithfully chronicling every move of his famous detective buddy, we got an insight into how Sherlock arrived at Ms X. Dr Watson is the one who humanises Sherlock — and is possibly the best PR the detective could ever hope for. (Notable mentions: Poirot and Hastings; Chahcha Chaudhry and Saboo; Mandrake and Lothar. No Batman, you and Robin don’t get on here.)

Aakash, Sameer and Sid

Dil-Chahta-hainDil Chahta Hai! What can we say about this ode to dosti that hasn’t been said already. After what felt like ages, young urban audiences in India had characters they could identify with and relate to. Aakash, Sameer and Sid could have been you or me (well, if you or me had very rich parents) and their misadventures together made for fun viewing. Their friendship is momentarily blindsided because of Aakash’s immaturity when talking about Sid’s relationship with an older woman, but what’s a dosti that doesn’t overcome the odd argument or two right?

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda

SATCSex And The City gave us this remarkable girl gang, and boy, were we pleased! Carrie, Sam, Charlotte and Miranda navigated the travails and triumphs of being independent young (and later not so young) women in the city of New York, and they did it with sophistication and style. They did it without being apologetic about the choices they were making, or why. They were also a pretty fun bunch, and stuck by each other through career shifts, boyfriends, break-ups, family issues, money issues and more. (Honourable mention: the gang from Girls.)

Starsky and Hutch

new-Starsky-and-hutchStarsky and Hutch. Hutch and Starsky. What we’d give for a sight of them doing their “dragon act” for Big Earl. or of them loitering around the locker room in their very short towels. Or mistakenly shooting a hapless pony (no real animals were harmed in the shooting, the shooting of that scene, or in writing that sentence). A toast — to Starsky and Hutch!

There were so many more iconic friendships we could think of — Professor X and Magneto before Magneto went wonky, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, but time and Friendships’s Day is running out. We hope you’ve found enough inspiration here to call up your best bud, set up a lunch (or dinner, or drinks) date and look back over the awesome time you’ve had.


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