Digital Wallpapers Vs Paint- A Critical Analysis


With the festival of Diwali round the corner, every Indian household is revving up to implement the ‘Clean your Home’ campaign. While people are on a spree to remove broken, unused items and waste materials, there is an urge to dress up your home and office space with amazing colors and paint. Although, paints have been in the market from years, the new trend ofdigital wallpapers are emerging as a new option which is giving a tough competition to the leading paint brands in the market.

As per the research report, Indian Paint Industry Outlook 2018, the Indian paint industry is expected to project a CAGR of approximately 13% during 2013-14 to 2017-18. On the other hand, digital wallpaper industry is also gaining huge popularity with demands from across the globe.

As a layman, it is very difficult to choose between the traditional paints and the contemporary digital wallpapers. Since, both have their own qualities that sets them apart, we would like to present you a comprehensive set of factors that will definitely influence your purchasing behavior. Have a look-

Points of Comparison

-Ease of application: Both digital wallpapers and paints are easy to implement however, applying paints is a little messy process. It need precision in smooth application and implementation. Expertise over the process of creating the perfect color is of utmost importance. The walls should have a smooth finish in order to host perfect layer of paint.

Wallpapers on the other hand, come handy. Although, removing a previous wallpaper is a tedious task but if done by an expert, it can be completed within a snap of a finger. The wallpaper comes with a kit and a manual that will help you to place it inside the room.

Painting the entire house including the drying time may take longer as compared to applying a digital wallpaper.

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-Durability: Wallpapers last five times longer than the paint. Since, paints are susceptible to conditions like moisture, damaged or scraped walls, it is very difficult to maintain them. Although, the durability of wallpapers is better than paints, they may peel off due to adhesive, and high moisture.

-Expense: As compared to wallpapers, paints are cheaper. Considering the fact that wallpaper rolls have installation and supplies’ charges, the expenses shoot up. On the other hand, applying paints is much cheaper and cost-effective. Although, both are available in low to high range options, choose smartly to get the best outcome from your investment.

-Area: The area of application plays an important role in selecting between wallpapers and paints. While living area, bedroom, kids’ room and reception area are ideal places to use wallpapers with impressive prints and designs. Kitchen, washrooms, lobbies, balcony etc. looks good with paints in elegant colors. However, there is a huge scope to experiment with paints using textured designs and psychedelic prints.

-Customization: Both wallpapers and paints can be customized as per your wish. Depending upon the interior and décor, you can create themes by choosing the best colors, designs and patterns. While you can experiment with paints and wallpapers in kids’ room, it is better to stay conventional when it comes to the outer look of the house.

Both wallpapers and paints have their own special qualities, the art lies in using the best of both in the best way.


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