Demonetisation: Old Rs 500 notes not to be accepted at railways, buses and metro after December 10


The government has cut short the deadline of using old Rs 500 notes at railways, bus and metros. After December 10, old Rs 500 will not be accepted.

As per earlier guidelines, old notes were to be accepted for the other utility bill payments as well as at railway ticketing counters and counters of government or public sector undertaking buses for purchase of tickets till December 15.

With effect from December 3, 2016, old Rs 500 notes were banned for purchase of petrol, diesel and gas at the stations operating under authorisation of public sector oil marketing companies and for buying airline tickets at airport counters.

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While junking old 500 and 1,000 rupee notes on November 8, the government had allowed their use for utility bill payments for 72 hours.

This deadline was extended twice and when the last one was to expire on November 24, it amended it to state that only the old 500 rupee notes could be used for payment of utility bills like electricity and water, school fees, pre-paid mobile top-up, fuel purchase and airline ticket booking.


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