Controlling Rosacea Triggers


Rosacea is a skin condition which affects 5% of the population. Usually women between 30-40 years of age are affected by the same. You usually see bumps on the skin and red rashes which are triggered by some specific day to day activities. Here are a few tips from the best dermatologist in Delhi that control rosacea attacks.

Avoid Spice

Spicy food is one of the main reasons of rosacea flare. Spicy food heats up your body and the rashes and pimples tend to irritate you even more. You must always keep a check on what you eat and avoid spicy and hot foods.

Choose Cosmetics Wisely

People with Rosacea have extremely sensitive skin. There are a lot of people who hide their rosacea pimples with makeup. Since makeup becomes a daily business, one has to make sure that the makeup used is suiting the skin. You must go for cosmetics that are meant for sensitive skin only.

Sun Protection

If you are suffering from Rosacea, you must keep clear of the sun at all times. Before stepping out of the sun, you must prepare yourself. Use a sunblock with SPF 30 or above to keep the UV rays away. You must also carry a scarf or a hat to keep the sun rays away. Sun block is one of the best rosacea treatment in Delhi.

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Avoid Stress

Taking stress can also cause rosacea flare ups. You must come up with ways to control your stress levels so that the rosacea doesn’t trigger. Regular exercise can help you release stress and control the effect of rosacea.

Expert Consultation

No matter how much you try to control the rosacea flares, they are going to affect your skin and something or the other will trigger rosacea. You must consult an expert and get the right treatment for the same.

At ISAAC we understand your skin problem and track what the reason is for the trigger for you. We provide you the right treatment for rosacea and help you get rid of the skin problems.


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