BE MY VALENTINE: Triple The Scent Of Romance In The Air


The time of the year when you go out and splurge on that special someone in your life. This occasion demands that we go the extra mile to show our affection and amaze our loved one. Scented candles, as gifts, not only excite the senses but have a great bearing on the senses of eroticism.

So what finer way to celebrate a truly wonderful event than by giving a person you adore, a gift that is breathtakingly romantic.


Making things a bit easier, check out our collection of most luxe-smelling Valentine candles: 

Valentine’s Day Décor Centrepiece:

valentine-day-centerpieceBet on Creativity and ingenuity this Valentine’s day and Gift this unique candle centerpiece to surprise that special someone or Simply decorate your home and make an accent not on the dinner table but above, with this Scented Candle.

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Rose embossed Pillar Candle:


Why settle for the ordinary, when you could choose this striking Pillar candle designed with decorative embossed roses available in two fragrances that your partner is bound to love.

Use them to illuminate a romantic dinner or lay a sensual ambiance during a quiet evening in together.

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Pink blush Jar Candle:


Treat your partner to the aromas of an orchid in bloom. Enjoy the scents of Roses, Gardenias and Jasmine, all from a single appealing jar candle. Love burns eternal and this jar candle pays homage to love’s enduring strength.

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Striped Heart Candle:


This Heart shaped Candle is sure to set the mood with its delicious aroma of Imperial English Rose, which is the very definition of love and luxury . Each Heart candle is hand poured to order. These candles can work wonders for you and your beloved, so that you can woo and speak your heart out.

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Double scented Valentine Jars:


Double the scent of romance in the air. Enjoy the scrumptious scent of Imperial Rose and Gardenia in a single candle. An exquisite glass jar gives you a delightful way to enjoy your favourite candle. The glass produces a wonderful cozy glow when the candle is lit, setting the scene for a joyous romantic night.

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Mercury Gold Jar Candle:

mercuy-gold-candle-holderThese hand painted Mercury Glass Candle Holders have a soft, frosted coating on the outside dappled with layers of mercury and hand poured with the fragrance of Jasmine petals, tender roses and white florals. A candle that looks as pleasing as it smells.

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Scented Owl candle:

If your partner loves vintage style decorations, they will adore this cute owl figurine Rose Scented Candle. Hand painted, it appears as if it has come straight from a museum. Invite these exotic birds to your home, they give an amazing twist to the décor.

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Make sure to spread your message of love in the most special way, you can.

Splurge on these exquisite gifts for your beloved, from Krixot.

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Krixot Valentine Collection:


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