9 Easy Outfits Every Stylish Woman Has on Hand


Trends are fun, but they only get you so far; try stocking your closet full of fringed skirts and crop tops and see what you’re left with for workdays. That’s why we’re pretty sure if you peeked into the closets of the most stylish women, you wouldn’t find wall-to-wall statement pieces, but rather a collection of classics that work seamlessly from one occasion to the next.

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Take it one step further, and you’d likely find that women like this have go-to outfits for just about everything. Sure, they may switch up the accessories and the footwear with each wear, but the bare bones remain the same, making getting dressed easy and foolproof every time. Sound like a sweet solution to sitting in your closet wondering, “what on earth do I wear?” Read on for the rundown: nine easy outfits to have on hand at all times.


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