5 Wart Myths Busted


Wart is a fleshy bump on the skin that are caused by the HPV Virus. They can appear in arms, fingers, feet or even genital areas for that matter. There are a lot of myths that go around with warts, and scares the people who develop the same. ISAAC busts some common wart myths-

Not Contagious

That is the biggest myth of all times. Warts are contagious and they grow in the top layer of the skin. The warts do not only spread on the skin, but they can spread to other people as well. Genital warts are contagious in case of people who are sexually active. You must see the best dermatologist in Delhi NCR as soon as you see the warts developing.

It’s Curable

Warts appear when the HPV virus becomes active. You cannot cure it completely, but can be removed and treated when they appear. Since they are always there in your DNA, the warts can also come back.

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Warts aren’t harmful

It’s true that warts are harmful, but only genital warts affect your body. They can even lead to cancer in the long run. HPV virus is the reason of 70% of the cervical cancer cases. If detected and treated on time, cancer from warts can be avoided. You must consult the best dermatologist in Delhi to get the right treatment.

Impossible prevention

You can easily prevent the formation of warts if you boost your immune system. Quitting smoking, alcohol and exercising regularly reduces the effect of the HPV virus and controls the formation of the warts. You must also pay special attention to your diet, and do as the dermatologist in Delhi NCR suggests.

Wart Removal is Painful

This one of the greatest wart myth ever. There are a lot of wart removal treatments available these days. The treatment procedure depends upon the condition and type of wart. The best dermatologist in Delhi will examine your wart and suggest you the best possible treatments for the removal of wart. It can range from medicines and gels to laser removal for wart.

If you see the formation of warts on any part of your body, you must consult the best dermatologist in Delhi NCR at the earliest and get the right treatment for the same. We examine, study and suggest possible treatment options to treat the warts.


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